There are many federal agencies which can be involved in the investigation and enforcement of drug crimes. One of these is the U.S. Coast Guard. Recently, the Coast Guard was involved in a major drug bust which has led to three men facing drug charges in Florida.

The bust happened last month. A Coast Guard cutter from Key West stopped a boat near the coast of Panama. The Coast Guard searched the boat and reportedly found a large quantity of cocaine, which is suspected to be worth several million dollars. The Coast Guard seized the drugs that were found.

The Coast Guard arrested three people who were on the boat. These individuals will face drug charges in Miami. It has not yet been reported what specific drug charges these individuals will face.

The Coast Guard stated that they often use aircraft to help in cases like this. They will use these aircraft to search for boats that are exhibiting suspicious behaviors, like running at high speeds at night without lights.

The Coast Guard also stated that they have seen an increase in this type of bust as of recent. They said that this is due in part to an increase in attempted drug trafficking using the seas.

However, the Coast Guard also stated that they believe that their strong enforcement efforts have helped counter this increase.

This case demonstrates a couple things. First, it shows that federal law enforcement has become increasingly aggressive in its pursuit of maritime drug crimes. It also shows some of the tactics that the U.S. Coast Guard uses in its drug enforcement.

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