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July 2011 Archives

Florida teen charged with the homicide of his parents

A 17-year-old Port St. Lucie teenager is accused of the homicide of his parents. However, the teenager has been described as polite and respectful. When asked, neighbors and friends describe him as a good kid and a normal teen without problems and certainly not someone who could commit this kind of crime.

Justice Department arrests man in Miami for suspected sex tourism

Being convicted of a sex crime can be very serious. Punishments are often severe and offenders continue to be burdened after their prison sentence is served. Most released sex offenders must register with police and are restricted in where they can live or work. It is vital that someone accused of a sex crime seek legal advice from an experienced attorney.

Florida drug raid results in arrest

Authorities often use many different tools and methods in their drug crimes enforcement. One tool police will sometimes use in such enforcement is a drug raid. This can be seen in a drug crimes case that has arisen in Florida involving an alleged marijuana grow house.

Three sentenced in Florida fraud case

If a person is accused of being involved in a fraud scheme, he or she can face serious criminal charges. A person can be given severe punishments if he or she is convicted of such charges. This can be seen in a fraud and identity theft case from Florida in which sentences were recently issued.

Murder charge brought against Florida teen

As we have mentioned before on this blog, a juvenile can face serious charges if he or she is accused of a violent crime. A juvenile can face particularly major charges if he or she is accused of committing a violent crime which resulted in an individual suffering serious injuries and/or an individual's death. This can be seen in a criminal case that has recently arisen in Florida.

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