Major criminal charges can be brought against a person if he or she is accused of having committed check fraud. A person can be given serious criminal punishments if he or she is convicted of check fraud-related charges. A check fraud conviction can also have negative effects on an individual's personal and professional life. Thus, being accused of committing check fraud can lead to a person facing serious consequences.

Recently, a fraud case has arisen in Florida. The case involves a 33-year-old man. The man has been accused of having committed check fraud.

Authorities claim that, on January 30, the man cashed a fraudulent traveler's check at a store in Vero Beach. Reportedly, later that day, police stopped the man in connection to the alleged cashing of the fraudulent check. Authorities claim that police eventually found the man to have the following on his person:

  • Two fraudulent traveler's checks
  • A fraudulent Florida driver's license
  • A fraudulent credit card

Police then arrested the man. The man reportedly faces several charges in connection to these allegations including charges of bringing forged checks into the state and uttering forged checks. The WPEC article which reported this story did not mention what specific sentencing the man could be given if he is convicted of the charges that he is facing.

As this case illustrates, an individual can face serious criminal charges if he or she is accused of having committed check fraud. Thus, if a person is facing check fraud allegations, having a strong defense can be very important.

Source: WPEC, "Police arrest suspect in traveler's check fraud," Feb. 1, 2012