A person can face major criminal charges if he or she is accused of having committed a sex crime. If a person is convicted of such charges, he or she can be given impactful criminal punishments. Thus, being accused of having committed a sex crime can lead to a person facing serious potential consequences.

Recently, a sex crime case has arisen in Florida. The case involves a 27-year-old man. Reportedly, the man worked as a masseur at a spa at a hotel in Miami Beach. The man has been accused of having sexually assaulted a female client of the spa.

The woman went to the hotel's spa on Sept. 23 to get a massage. Reportedly, she had received massages at the spa on several previous occasions. After the woman arrived at the spa, the 27-year-old man began performing a massage on her. It has been alleged that, during the performance of this massage, the man sexually assaulted the woman.

After this alleged incident, police began looking for the 27-year-old man. Last Thursday, the man turned himself in to authorities. According to the NBC 6 South Florida article which reported this story, a charge of sexual battery has been brought against the man in connection to the alleged incident.

As this case illustrates, serious criminal charges can be brought against an individual if he or she is accused of sex crimes. Thus, it can be a very serious matter when a person is accused of sex crimes. Consequently, if an individual is facing allegations of having committed a sex crime, he or she may wish to consider seeking advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: NBC 6 South Florida, "Fontainebleau Miami Beach Masseur Charged With Sexual Battery After Assault: Police," Diana Gonzalez, Sept. 28, 2012