Being accused of having committed sex crimes can be a very serious matter. Such an allegation can lead to a person facing major criminal charges and significant potential consequences.

Recently, a sentence was issued in a sex crime case from Florida. The case involved a 30-year-old man from Lakeland, Florida. The man was accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

The alleged sexual assault occurred on May 27, 2011. Allegedly, that morning, the man broke into a bus the woman was living in and raped her.

The man reportedly has multiple past criminal convictions on his record.

Criminal charges were brought against the man in connection to the alleged sexual assault. The man stood trial in relation to these charges. The trial went for two days. The jury in this case found the man guilty.

The judge in this case then gave the man his sentence. According to the article on the Tampa Bay Times' website which reported this story, the man was given a sentence of life in prison.

This case illustrates a couple of important points. The first is that serious criminal charges can be brought against an individual if he or she is accused of having committed sex crimes. The second is that a person can be given major criminal punishments if he or she is convicted of sex crime charges.

Thus, the stakes can be very high in sex crime cases. Consequently, if an individual is accused of having committed sex crimes, having a strong defense can be very important.

Source: The Tampa Bay Times, "Lakeland man convicted in 2011 Ybor City bus rape," John Barry, Jan. 11, 2013