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Former Florida police officer allegedly sold drugs on the job

Florida law separates crimes into felonies and misdemeanors. Drug selling and possession crimes cover a wide range of offenses and types of drugs. The law also differs in the severity of crimes and from Florida state to federal crimes.

Florida doctor and drug test lab owner arrested on drug charges

When Florida police investigate a drug-related crime, they may use such tactics as wire taps, surveillance and informants. There are many tactics that are used by the police, which are legal, but that people may not be cognizant of. An arrest and conviction of drug possession of even small amounts of marijuana or other drugs can result in high fines, jail time and a criminal record for life.

Changes to sentencing of drug charges advocated by Holder

As the Florida prison population continues to grow, Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder is advocating for a proposal regarding drug sentencing changes in an endeavor to reduce prison overcrowding and the very large cost of incarceration.

One lab technician's malfeasance sends up red flags across nation

Florida might not be the only state applying a more scrutinous eye to drug labs nowadays. This is due in part to the number of instances over the years in which drug labs were guilty of mishandling cases or contaminating drug evidence. This has required second looks for thousands of cases. In some situations, case dismissals have even been ordered.

Florida man gets retrial after defense attorney mishandles case

As readers of our blog know, any criminal case requires a defender to work with their client in order to effectively prove their case. But without proper defense, a person might be convicted of crimes they didn’t commit and have to suffer the consequences because they were not properly represented. Such was the case for one Florida man back in 2004 when he stood trial for allegedly conspiring to traffic cocaine and trafficking cocaine. But thanks to a judge’s recent decision, the man will get a second chance to plead his case.

Unlawful search and seizure plus planted drugs equals lawsuit

Ask just about anyone here in Florida and they will tell you that getting stopped by the police can be a sometimes scary ordeal. Now throw in a humiliating public strip search and planted drugs and you have a truly terrifying situation that will require extensive legal help down the road.

Known contest winner facing drug distribution charge

There are times when life imitates art, or vice versa. When it comes to drug possession and drug distribution, some television shows may have glorified the practice. But, in the real world, there may be very serious consequences for Florida residents who are facing such serious allegations. Recently, a man who was known to news outlets after winning a contest became the subject of a drug bust.

Doctor sentenced in Florida pill mill case

Being accused of having been involved in illegal pill mill activity can be incredibly serious for a medical professional. A conviction on pill mill-related charges can put a medical worker's professional reputation, and perhaps even their very ability to work within the medical profession, in jeopardy. Such a conviction can also expose a medical worker to a prison sentence and other severe punishments. Thus, what happens in criminal proceedings regarding pill mill allegations can affect a medical professional's life in significant ways.

Florida men facing drug charges after traffic stop

Drug charges are fairly serious offenses in Florida. When an individual faces drug charges, there are often many factors a person needs to take into consideration in order to build the best defense possible. A recent drug bust has three individuals now facing such charges.

Florida football coach arrested on serious drug charges

It should come as no surprise to many Florida residents that there can be an abundance of consequences that may follow an arrest for drug charges. Not only can unfortunate jail time during an arrest be a result, but if one is found guilty, years can be wasted in prison. One Florida man knows all too well what the consequences of these drug charges can be, after he was recently arrested for such crimes.

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