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Expanded sex crimes laws in Florida among toughest in nation

The governor of Florida has approved legal measures designed to close loopholes in state law pertaining to sex offenders. The bills may have a wide-reaching impact, as mandatory sentencing guidelines will now apply to certain types of sex crimes. For example, those who are convicted of raping a child under 12, a senior citizen or someone with a developmental disability will now face a mandatory 50-year term behind bars. The statute of limitations on certain types of child molestation has also been lifted.

Florida legislators push tougher sex crimes bill

A new series of laws passed by Florida legislators will have a resounding impact on criminal defendants facing sex crimes allegations. The package of bills will require convicted child rapists to serve longer terms in jail. The new legislation also forces those convicted of sex crimes to provide more information, including a list of all the vehicles registered in their names. Finally, a law that permits civil commitment for those convicted of sex crimes has been shored up by additional provisions. Although the laws have been passed in the statehouse, the governor has yet to approve the measures.

File sharing program leads to sex crime charges in Brevard County

Facing criminal charges can be a scary thing, especially if you weren’t even aware that you were breaking the law in the first place. This could be the case for a computer scientist in Melbourne Beach who was accused this month of downloading child pornography.

Serious charges of sex crimes face Florida man in Clearwater

The situation facing a 37-year-old Florida man is rather serious this month and could get more difficult if legal counsel is not sought. That’s because, as some of our readers may have heard, he is currently being held on a $165,000 bond at the Pinellas County Jail, accused of various sex crimes such as human trafficking and sexual battery. And as frequent readers of our blog know, these charges, along with others that have been filed by Clearwater police, carry harsh penalties if a conviction is made.

Teacher resigns after ex-student accuses her of sexual abuse

Allegations of sexual abuse can be a very powerful thing, especially if used for vengeance. While we’re not suggesting to our readers here in Florida that this was the case in a sexual abuse cases out of California, the circumstances surrounding the allegations against one teacher might make some of our readers question whether the actions of the alleged victim may be malicious in nature and whether this could create complicated litigation as a result.

New sex crimes legislation introduced in Florida senate

The holidays are a busy time of year. As a result, many Americans are not as aware of breaking news during late December as they ordinarily would be. This is a somewhat dangerous trend, given that important news stories can break close to the holidays and the public is too busy celebrating to react to potentially harmful events. For example, the Florida senate introduced new sex crimes legislation in late December that could be devastating to numerous convicted sex offenders and presumably because of the timing of the bills’ introduction little attention has been paid to this development.

Florida coach in custody for alleged child sexual assault

The punishment in Florida can be steep for anyone who is convicted of a sex crime. Often, the consequences include a lengthy prison sentence and heavy fines. Anyone convicted of such a crime must also register as a sex offender, which can make a major impact on his or her personal and professional life. A man in Miami Gardens possibly faces this fate after being accused of committing sexual assault against one of the children he coaches.

Sex crime allegations lead to man being charged, fired

When it comes to the consequences of being accused of sex crimes, charges and potential prison sentences tend to dominate the conversation. However, the potential impacts of a sex crime accusation are not limited to just these things. For one, a person's employment can be affected in major ways by sex crime allegations. This can be seen in a case that has recently arisen in Florida.

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